4840-1055: Non-Research Tips for Information Science Researchers / 情報科学研究補助技法 (Summer 2024)

This lecture is offered at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Department of Information and Communication Engineering, the University of Tokyo. This lecture is tailored for graduate students majoring in information science.


  • June 12: Week 9 slides are uploaded.
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We will teach various skills that are not directly related to the research itself but are essential to advance research activities. These skills include writing pseudo code, creating a demo video, and managing a research community. Unfortunately, students often do not receive systematic training in these techniques. Our goal is to provide systematic training in these non-research skills during this lecture. By mastering these skills, we hope students can focus more on their research itself.

While this lecture will be in English, Japanese materials may also be distributed.

  • Dates: Wednesday, 2nd period (10:25 - 12:10)
  • Location: Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 2 #244 #241
  • Style: The lecture will be held in-person. No streaming is available.

Overview (Jp)



  • 日時: 水曜2限 (10:25 - 12:10)
  • 場所: 工学部新2号館 244講義室 241講義室
  • スタイル: 対面授業。配信はありません。



A similar lecture, “The Missing Semester of Your CS Education” has been created with a similar purpose and may serve as a helpful reference. Reading it is recommended before taking this lecture.


Mid-term and/or final reports are planned. Additionally, those interested or all participants will conduct a final presentation.


Date (2024) Contents Presented by Resources
Week 1, Apr 10 Introduction. Review of fundamental concepts Yusuke, Koya, Yuki, Jun slides
Week 2, Apr 17 Equations and pseudo-codes Yusuke Matsui slides (updated on May 17)
Week 3, Apr 24 Slides Koya Narumi slides (updated on May 22)
Week 4, May 1 Tables and plots Yusuke Matsui slides (updated on May 17)
Week 5, May 8 Figures Koya Narumi slides (updated on May 8)
Week 6, May 22 Videos Koya Narumi slides
Week 7, May 29 Invited Talk 1: Conducting AI Research on High-Performance Computing (HPC) Systems Dr. Yoshiaki Bando (AIST) slides
Week 8, June 5 Invited Talk 2: Research Management 101 Prof. Katie Seaborn (Tokyo Tech) slides
Week 9, June 12 GitHub in depth Yusuke Matsui slides
Week 10, June 19 Automation of research and research dissemination (Web, Cloud, CI/CD) Jun Kato xxx
Week 11, June 26 Research community Jun Kato xxx
Week 12, July 3 3DCG illustrations Yuki Koyama xxx
Week 13, July 10 Final presentations - xxx